Location Elementary
125 Kings Highway South
Rochester, NY 14617

Middle School
841 Genesee St.
Rochester, NY 14611

High School
1757 Latta Road
Greece, NY 14612
Authorizer Board of Regents
Website racschool.com

At RACS, we celebrate the power of choice by providing parents and students with unique life-changing learning experiences. Like public schools, our educational services are tuition-free. Unlike public schools, our approach to learning is different in ways that make a positive difference in our student’s lives.

At RACS, expectations run high. We expect more from students by challenging them with demanding academics including our Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) run in conjunction with Monroe Community College. We expect more from teachers and hold them accountable for providing students with the motivation, inspiration and support they need to achieve. We expect more from administrators and staff by making sure they do everything possible to give students a safe, secure school environment where learning is always priority one.


Student Population


Students of Color


English Learners


Students with Disabilities


college readiness

Instructional Models

RACS instructional model is designed to prepare its students for
college through a STEM-focused education.


Teachers are expected to plan for lessons based on NYS Standards. Teachers have some autonomy over their curriculum and expected to prepare students for NYS tests. K-5 Teachers will use programs for Math and ELA.

Certification Requirements

NYS Teacher Certification is preferred but out-of-state or pending certification may be considered.

New Teacher Starting Salary

First year teacher with no experience $39,000-$40,500


NYS teacher’s retirement system
comprehensive health and dental benefits
teacher apprenticeship program for teachers seeking certification
reimbursement for college courses
life insurance

Career Site


Shortage Areas

Science, Math, Spanish, ENL


Mentoring program as well as instructional coaches in some subjects

Professional Development

Internal ongoing professional development; opportunities for external professional development and conference attendance; partnership with Brockport Research Institute; 5 day teacher institute before school begins; support for continuing education.

Supports for Teachers of Color

Our school is engaged in deliberate work to become a more anti-racist and culturally proficient organization at all levels including the Board of Trustees.