Location 1001 Lake Ave
Rochester, NY 14613
GRADE LEVELS 5-6 (expanding to 8th)
Authorizer Board of Regents
Website ahscharter.org

Academy of Health Sciences Charter School provides a learning environment that ensures academic achievement while preparing students for college and career readiness and lives of service in the health sciences.


Student Population


Students of Color


English Learners


Students with Disabilities


Health sciences
College & career readiness
Middle School preparation

Instructional Models

At AHS, teachers use research-based tools and methods to engage students and ensure that all students meet high standards. Our health science and empowerment-themed curriculum exposes students to new knowledge, skills, and interests. In addition, student voice is a major part of learning every day so that students are empowered to learn in ways that are relevant to them.


AHS focuses on mastery of New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and uses a variety of curricular tools to ensure effective teaching and learning for all students.

Certification Requirements

Certification preferred.

New Teacher Starting Salary

Dependent on years of education, $48,700


18 full days of PD annually

Weekly coaching
Opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching

Budget for your classroom supplies

Career Site



All teachers are coached biweekly using a real time coaching approach and the No-Nonsense Nurturer philosophy.

Professional Development

AHS’ professional learning community is built on a foundation of collective efficacy and an understanding of shared leadership. Differentiated professional development and teaming structures are used during Friday afternoon release time to ensure collaboration and effective teacher planning and reflection.

Supports for Teachers of Color

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity are extremely important to the entire AHS professional learning community. Teachers are treated as individuals with needs and strengths that reflect our diverse identities and backgrounds. This includes an understanding of the inequity and oppression experienced by many teachers of color and other groups such as the LGBTQ+ community.