About this Pathway 7

This pathway is an alternative route to certification designed for candidates who were educated outside the U.S. and hold foreign teaching credentials and seek to obtain teaching certification in New York State.


To get a teaching certificate in this pathway, you need:

  1. Bachelor’s degree (minimum 2.5 GPA)
  2. Workshops
    a. Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) Workshop
    b. Child Abuse Identification Workshop
    c. School Violence Intervention and Prevention Workshop
  3. Fingerprint clearance


  • Obtain an evaluation of foreign credentials (credential evaluation report) by an organization on the list of approved organizations
  • Submit the evaluation of foreign credentials to NYSED for evaluation

This pathway ends with the candidate completing all coursework requirements for initial teaching certification. Once the candidate completes the other New York State certification requirements, a candidate may apply for an initial teaching certificate.

*This pathway does not require enrollment in a teacher preparation program.

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