Rochester Teacher Pipeline Strategy Advisory Group

Since July 2019, with support from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, a group of local stakeholders in K12 schools, teacher preparation programs, and community organizations focused on education advocacy have participated in a citywide teacher pipeline strategy centered on two priority goals:

  1. Formalizing and strengthening teacher preparation partnerships between K12 schools and IHEs
  2. Improving the diversity of the teacher workforce in Rochester.

The strategy is comprised of four work groups aligned to the teacher pipeline:

  1. Teacher Recruitment
  2. Clinical Experience
  3. New Teacher Excellence
  4. Teacher Diversity.

A cross-sector Advisory Group comprised of members across work groups provides guidance on the overall strategy and monitors progress toward goals.

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ROC the Future

We are an alliance of over 60 leading Rochester-area institutions and community partners that promotes alignment of community resources to improve the academic achievement of Rochester’s children.

We will achieve this using a collective impact approach. No one individual or business can accomplish significant change by themselves. By working together, funders, providers, and staff are focused on a common agenda. Our efforts are based on evidence-based practice and measured by ROC the Future Annual Report Cards. Collectively, we can and will create opportunities for success for every child, from cradle to career.