Why Teach?

Teachers matter. Outstanding teachers help their students recognize and meet their full potential as learners and community members. Teaching offers the opportunity to have both an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of young people. If you are passionate about children, believe that knowledge is power, and work relentlessly in pursuit of your goals, this profession could be for you.

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Why Rochester?

New York’s third-largest city, Rochester is diverse, educated, and highly affordable for young professionals and families. Known as “Flower City,” Rochester is tight-knit and friendly, culturally vibrant, and offers plentiful opportunities to enjoy connection, adventure, and a high quality of life. Learn more under “Explore Rochester.”

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How to get started

No matter who you are or what your educational or professional background is, there is a pathway for you into teaching. Under “Explore Pathways,” you can identify the profile that best fits you to learn more about the options available to you in the Rochester region for becoming a certified teacher.

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Meet a Rochester Teacher

“If you are someone that appreciates social diversity and accepts multiculturalism, then you are in the right place. I teach in Rochester because it welcomes people from everywhere in the world. I think that the more exposed you are to different cultures, the more receptive and knowledgeable you become!”

Natalie Rodriguez, Spanish Language Arts Teacher, Grades 9-12, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School

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